The first edition of the TR-IFF will take place in Trois-Rivières from November 16 to 19. This film festival offers a varied and unifying programme. Almost non-stop screenings, many of which begin or end with meetings with artisans in this industry who will present their productions or their profession in order to demystify it to the public.

“Our programming aims to reach all types of film lovers; the most passionate, occasional film lovers, lovers of repertory or popular films. We have not forgotten families and toddlers. We are proud to present you some very beautiful films by filmmakers known as newcomers,” said Gilles Leblanc, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and Programming Associate. Some thirty films highlight the vigor and vitality of filmmaking in recent years. We have chosen a selection of films, many of which have distinguished themselves in the best festivals around the world, as well as some of the most important ones.

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