Environmental Compliance Verification

As part of its Environmental Policy, the TRPA aims for continuous improvement of environmental performance in its property. An evaluation of the regulatory assessments of port facility activities is therefore necessary. The Environmental Compliance Verification (ECV) process is one of the tools that can be used to review regulatory compliance.

Overall, the ECV consists in determining whether a company’s activities and facilities comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. It also assesses the company’s compliance with requirements derived from internal procedures, standards, policies and codes of practice specific to the company’s operations. This is done through audits, visits, interviews, as well as documentary and regulatory research. The purpose of the exercise is to establish an honest and realistic diagnosis or statement of the environmental situation prevailing in the company in relation to the environmental requirements in question.

This procedure is an excellent management tool to help managers know the environmental state of their company so that they can focus their efforts on priority areas and make appropriate environmental corrections and follow-ups.