Economic Benefits Stemming from the 2011 Activities of the Port of Trois-Rivières

The activities associated with all the traffic transiting through the Port of Trois-Rivières increased significantly between 2010 and 2011. The following increases were seen this year over last:

  • +12% in merchandise volumes handled at the port
  • +13% in the number of ships entering and leaving the port
  • +12% in the number freight cars entering and leaving the port
  • +25% in the number of trucks entering and leaving the port

In 2011, spending related to all the traffic transiting the Port of Trois-Rivières yielded $121.8M in direct and indirect value added for the Canadian economy ($158.4M if you include induced effects). These economic benefits are spread throughout the transportation and handling logistics chain. At the same time these transportation and logistical activities supported 1,372 direct and indirect jobs in Canada (1,922 jobs when taking induced effects into account). The economic impacts for 2011 are almost 15% higher in value added compared to 2010 and 11% higher when considering jobs. This increase can be explained by the increase in traffic being stevedored and the more intense use of truck transport. The following table presents the main economic benefits. It should be noted that the results do not include the activities and jobs supported by the companies who are shipping or receiving goods transiting through the Port of Trois-Rivières.

Summary of the principle economic benefits stemming from the 2011 activities of the Port of Trois-Rivières

(Québec and Canada*)

Direct Effects Indirect Effects Induced Effects Total Effects
Value Added to Base Prices (M of $) 89.5 32.3 36.6 158.4
Jobs Supported (People-Years) 949 423 550 1 922
Canadian Government Incomes (M of $) 4.8 3.2 3.7 11.7
Quebec Government Incomes (M of $) 9.9 4.7 4.2 18.8

*For the maritime/port/ground components.
Source: SECOR estimates drew from Statistics Canada and the Quebec Institute of Statistics’ simulations.

Port of Trois-Rivières Economic benefits 2011