Sustainable Development Plan

The sustainable development of the Port of Trois-Rivières is an approach at the core of the efforts undertaken over the past few years by the Port to ensure harmonious and coherent development with its neighbourhood.

The Sustainable Development Strategy describes how the Port integrates sustainable development values into its projects and introduces an action plan developed with tangible objectives to be implemented over the coming years.

But what exactly does sustainable development mean? For the Government of Canada, sustainable development is seen as an approach to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations. The purpose is to raise living standards by protecting human health, preserving the environment and using resources in a wise manner. Sustainable development requires a balance between the environmental, economic and social dimensions in all actions and interventions at the Port.

The Port applies several principles to incorporate the three dimensions of sustainable development. Here are some examples of the integration of the principle of sustainable development:

  • transparency of the Port’s activities
  • economic autonomy for each of the port areas to avoid leaving any legacy debts
  • a collaborative approach between Port users to ensure continuous improvement of environmental results
  • robust and rigorous environmental assessments to fully understand the environmental impacts of projects
  • effective use of Port areas to meet social and economic needs while maintaining a low environmental footprint and quality jobs that enable the population to thrive
  • be involved and enjoy a good quality of life


Here are the actions that the Port wants to support:

Objective 1

Continue to improve environmental performance to ensure safe and healthy air quality

Objective 2

Ensure a stimulating and safe environment for Port employees and users

Objective 3

Promote eco-responsible and environment-friendly consumption and waste reduction

Objective 4

Promote the principles of sustainable development through example

Objective 5

Contribute to the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development by supporting port and urban communities

Objective 6

Acquire modern infrastructure and reduce energy costs

By applying these principles, the Port ensures that all of its activities are carried out with a focus on sustainable development and continuous improvement!
Click here to consult the 2020 Sustainable Development Plan:
Sustainable Development Plan 2020