Safety and Security

Under the terms of the Marine Transportation Security Act and its regulations, the Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA) is required to develop, implement and manage a Security Plan.

Maritime transport security coordination includes, among other things:

  • the identification of operations and critical infrastructure;
  • the identification of risks, threats, vulnerabilities and their consequences;
  • the identification of mitigation strategies and methods of implementation;
  • the establishment of a process for the continuous assessment of marine transportation security.

The TRPA also has an Emergency Measures Plan (EMP) to provide the necessary tools to respond quickly and effectively to potential marine and land emergencies that may occur at the Port. The EMP defines procedures for coordinating the effective implementation of emergency measures. It identifies events that represent a risk, defines internal (TRPA) and external roles and responsibilities, emergency response flowcharts for potential emergencies, available resources and the training required for the various stakeholders.

The TRPA also requires each user-tenant of the port to implement its own Emergency Measures Plan to deal with disasters whose impacts are limited to their specific rented premises.