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Info Source: Sources of Federal Government and Employee Information provides information about the functions, programs, activities and related information holdings of government institutions subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy ActIt provides individuals and employees of the government (current and former) with relevant information to access personal information about themselves held by government institutions subject to the Privacy Act and to exercise their rights under the Privacy Act.

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The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act assign overall responsibility to the President of Treasury Board (as the designated Minister) for the government-wide administration of the legislation.


  • The institution’s history.
  • Reference to its legislative foundation.

On May 1st, 1999, following the dissolution of the Canada Ports Corporation, the Trois-Rivières Port Authority was created pursuant to the Canada Marine Act. A board of seven members was created, most of whom were appointed by the minister des Transports, in consultation with port users. As a new Canadian Port Authority (CPA), the Port of Trois-Rivières disposes of the necessary tools to conduct its activities in a more commercial, efficient and timely manner. In addition, it now enjoys the autonomy and latitude required to function according to function consistent with the principles of trade.

  • How it reports to Parliament.

The Trois-Rivières Port Authority reports to Parliament through the Minister of Transport.


  • The institution’s mandate.
  • The institution’s program responsibilities

The Trois-Rivières Port Authority has the powers of a legal person and its authority to operate a port is limited to the power to engage in port activities related to shipping, navigation, transportation of passengers and goods and handling of storage of and goods, to the extent that those activities are specified in the letters patent and other activities that are deemed in the letters patent to be necessary to support port operations.

Among its rights and obligations the Trois-Rivières Port Authority must see to the management of federal real property and personal property and any rights related thereto. It may set the fees to be paid in respect of ships, vehicles, aircraft and persons coming into or using the port and the goods and services it provides or any privilege conferred by it. As for order and safety, the Trois-Rivières Port Authority shall take appropriate measures for the maintenance of order and the safety of persons and property in the port.

Institutional Functions, Programs and Activities

Institution-Specific Content



The goal of this program is to effectively administer federal lands and terminal under the jurisdiction of the Trois-Rivières Port Authority, and to monitor shipping activity, while supporting established standards of safety, security and environmental stewardship.


This sub-activity is aimed at ensuring efficient management and administration of the Port of Trois-Rivières.


Description: Includes information related to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of facilities. Also includes information about construction supervision; consultant management; research; inspections; progress reports and payments, action plans and signage, environmental policies and studies.

Document Types: Fee schedules, work authorizations and permits, notices of tender, inspection reports, progress reports, correspondence, plans and blueprints, maps, photos and videos, submissions, strategic plans, policies, engineering studies.

Record Number: TRPA ING 010


Port Operations

Description: Includes information related to the economic objectives of the port at the local, regional and national levels, such as economic and business forecasts, cargo overviews, statistics, forecasts and rates. Also includes information related to port operations such as the setting and revision of tariffs, for example, harbour fees, berthage, anchorage and wharfage fees, and passenger and vehicle fees. Document Types: Ship schedules, reports, berth applications, vessel declarations, passes, statistical reports; forecasts, notices of tender, maps, photos, videos, correspondence, remittals, notices, tariff reports, data and cost analyses.

Record Number: TRPA COM 005


This sub-activity is to develop and promote the Port of Trois-Rivières while ensuring compliance with federal environmental legislation. The Port of Trois-Rivières gathers statistics on commodities travelling in and out of the port.

MarketingDescription: Includes information related to the Port’s marketing plan and related research in this field such as analyses of business and financial data required for the development of marketing plans, information on signage, storage and packaging of cargo, traffic, research, cost analyses and statistics. Document Types: Studies, surveys, reports, cost analyses, statistical reports.

Record Number: TRPA MAR 015

Internal Services

Internal services constitute groups of related activities and resources that are administered to support the needs of programs and other corporate obligations of an organization. These groups are management and oversight services, communications services, legal services, human resources management services, financial management services, information management services, information technology services, real property services, materiel services, acquisition services, and travel and other administrative services.

Acquisition Services

Acquisition services involve activities undertaken to acquire a good or service.

Communications Services

Communications services involve activities undertaken to ensure that Government of Canada communications are effectively managed, well coordinated and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public. The communications management function ensures that the public—internal or external—receives government information, and that the views and concerns of the public are taken into account in the planning, management and evaluation of policies, programs, services and initiatives.

Financial Management Services

Financial management services involve activities undertaken to ensure the prudent use of public resources, including planning, budgeting, accounting, reporting, control and oversight, analysis, decision support and advice, and financial systems.

Human Resources Management Services

Human resources management services involve activities undertaken for determining strategic direction, allocating resources among services and processes. They ensure that the service operations and programs of the federal government comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies and plans.

Information Management Services

Information management services involve activities undertaken to achieve efficient and effective information management to support program and service delivery; foster informed decision making; facilitate accountability, transparency and collaboration; and preserve and ensure access to information and records for the benefit of present and future generations.

Information Technology Services

Information technology services involve activities undertaken to achieve efficient and effective use of information technology to support government priorities and program delivery, to increase productivity, and to enhance services to the public.

Legal services

Legal services involve activities undertaken to enable government departments and agencies to pursue policy, program and service delivery priorities and objectives within a legally sound framework.

Management and Oversight Services

Management and oversight services involve activities undertaken for determining strategic direction and allocating resources among services and processes, as well as those activities related to analyzing exposure to risk and determining appropriate countermeasures. They ensure that the service operations and programs of the federal government comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies or plans.

Materiel Services

Materiel services involve activities undertaken to ensure that materiel can be managed by departments in a sustainable and financially responsible manner that supports the cost-effective and efficient delivery of government programs.

Real Property Services

Real property services involve activities undertaken to ensure that real property is managed in a sustainable and financially responsible manner, throughout its life cycle, to support the cost-effective and efficient delivery of government programs.

Travel and Other Administrative Services

Travel and other administrative services include Government of Canada travel services, as well as those other internal services that do not smoothly fit with any of the internal services categories.

Access to Information and Personal Information Request Service


Classes of Personal Information

In the course of conducting the programs and activities of TRPA, categories of personal information may be accumulated which are not contained in the specific information banks described above. Such personal information includes: requests for information, expressions of public support, offers of services and complaints. This information is stored as part of the general subject files, where records are not normally retrieved by name of individual or other identifier.

This form of personal information is normally retrievable only if specifics are provided concerning the subject matter, related program activity, as well as the date on which the information was received by the TRPA and the name of the person to whom it was addressed. The retention periods for these classes of personal information are controlled by the records disposal schedules of the general subject files in which they are stored.


  • Land Use Plan
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Directive for Access Pass
  • Directive related to the management for violations to the security and safety regulations

Additional Information

The Government of Canada encourages the release of information through requests outside of the ATIP process. You may wish to consult completed Access to Information (ATI) summaries. To make an informal request, contact:

Me Jean Mongeau

Corporate secretary

1545 du Fleuve Street

Trois-Rivières, QC G9A 6K4

E-mail: [email protected]


Please see the Introduction to this publication for information on formal access procedures under the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. The following outlines how to make a formal ATIP request.

Please note: Each request made to Trois-Rivières Port Authority under the Access to Information Act must be accompanied by an application fee of $5.00, cheque or money order made payable to Administration portuaire de Trois-Rivières.

Reading Room

In accordance with the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, an area on the premises will be made available should the applicant wish to review materials on site. The address is:

1545 du Fleuve Street

Trois-Rivières, Québec