Prime Marine Access

The Port of Trois-Rivières can accommodate fully-loaded Handysize and Handymax type ships at all times and, depending on the available water level, Panamax and even Post-Panamax vessels designed for waterways with draft restrictions. Because of its upstream location on the St. Lawrence, the Port of Trois-Rivières is mainly influenced by the river’s water regime rather than by the sea tide. This results in a relatively stable water level during a particular season, although it varies from one season to another. Ships can take advantage of that relative stability to optimize their payload by using the available water level rather than the chart datum.

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Season Average : From 1960 to 2014

Season Chart Datum (m) Average Available Water Depth (m)
Winter 10.7 11.9
Spring 10.7 12.4
Summer 10.7 11.5
Fall 10.7 11.7
Annual average 10.7 11.9

Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada