Wednesday July 12 2017 – The social economy business, Les Vélos de quartiers, is proud to announce a new bicycle rental service in downtown Trois-Rivières. This service, in the form of a pilot project, will be available to the people of Trois-Rivières, as well as to tourists from July 12 to August 27, Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm. For this phase 1 of the project, a fleet of 12 bicycles will be made available to interested parties. The rental point will be located at 500 du Fleuve Street – service pavilion of the Parc portuaire de la Ville de Trois-Rivières. Users of the service will have to pay $5 for 2 hours of rental and $10 for more than 2 hours (up to a maximum of 8 hours). In order to facilitate the rental, all payment methods will be accepted.

In addition to cycling, people who use the service will be able to discover or rediscover Trois-Rivières. Indeed, several thematic routes such as the Route des Arts and the Route des Parcs will be made available to users.

For people who will have their own bikes, a breakdown service will be available at a low cost for minor repairs.

“We are proud to financially support this project through the Territorial Development Fund. This fund aims to support structuring initiatives that have a positive impact on the quality of life of our citizens. Bicycle rental is undoubtedly a great addition to Trois-Rivières that residents and visitors will enjoy adopting,” said Mylène Cloutier, Industrial Commissioner at IDE Trois-Rivières.

Several partners have made this project possible: Innovation et développement économique Trois-Rivières, Ville de Trois-Rivières, Port de Trois-Rivières, Fonds communautaire d’emprunt de la Mauricie, Laferté Bicycles and Amaro. Thanks also to Roulons Vert and the Société de développement commercial de Trois-Rivières for their support.

For reservation:

E-mail: [email protected] number: 819 372-4621 ext. 1361

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