Friday February 19 2016


31st Radisson Gala of the Chambre de commerce et d’industries de Trois-Rivières, Boréalis, Centre d’histoire de l’industrie papetière is proud to have been awarded the “Tourism Industry of the Year” award during the evening of the 31st Radisson Gala of the Chambre de commerce et d’industries de Trois-Rivières. The entire team also congratulates the other nominated institutions, which, thanks to their actions, make Trois-Rivières a city that stands out.

ANIMATED BY THE FLAMEThe largest industrial heritage enhancement project in Quebec in the last 15 years, Boréalis continues to break new records. For the past 5 years, the museum has carved out a prominent place for itself in the region’s tourism industry. A major flagship product for Trois-Rivières, we can say with certainty that Boréalis has made its mark in Quebec, as well as internationally.

Its economic and tourist benefits are unequivocal. Indeed, July and August alone generated 18,542 admissions, representing a 20% increase in ridership in July and a 25% increase in August, compared to last year. With 41,000 visitors in 2015, Boréalis can be said to rival some museums in major cities.

A MUSEUM IN RENEWALAlways looking for new experiences for its visitors, Boréalis added 3 products to its experiential offer during 2015. At the beginning of the year, the museum first inaugurated Passage 5S, a multi-sensory corridor within the permanent exhibition. Specially designed to revive the papermaking profession through the 5 senses, the Passage 5S has delighted young and old alike.

In June, Boréalis then inaugurated Premier “shift”, a 2 km urban route that transports the participant into the world of the first shift of an CIP employee. Coated with sound atmospheres and testimonies, this an immersive journey retraces the history of the factory and its district, punctuated by anecdotes and photographic archives. The product has been very well received by the public, the media and tourism associations. The comments, more than unanimous, make it a product of excellence. A real open-air museum!

To close the year, the museum inaugurated the Espace mémoire last December. At the heart of the permanent exhibition, this exhibition space presents, in the form of a short documentary film, the various testimonies of that Borealis has accumulated over the years. Each year, a different theme will be proposed to visitors. To begin the series, Boréalis addresses the subject of the 20 years of the stop of the drive, with the short film Mémoires dedrivers.

This award confirms that Boréalis is a key player in the region’s tourism economy.

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