Thursday November 17 2016 – The Trois-Rivières Port Authority is proposing an expansion project to increase the transshipping and storage capacity of the port. The project will consist of installing a multi-user terminal with a transshipping area, a short-term storage area, connecting wells and pipelines the length of the wharfs, as well as an access road on the west side. Three new 231-metre berths will be built. A retaining wall and riprap are also planned for the far western end of the new facilities.

Public NoticeTrois-Rivières Port Facilities Expansion Project — Federal Funding Available

November 15, 2016 — The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is making funding available through its Participant Funding Program to assist the participation of the public and Indigenous groups in the federal environmental assessment of the proposed Trois-Rivières Port Facilities Expansion Project, located in Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Funding is available for eligible individuals and groups to assist their participation in upcoming steps of the environmental assessment, which include reviewing and providing comments on the Environmental Impact Statement or on the summary thereof, the draft Environmental Assessment Report, and the potential environmental assessment conditions.

Applications received by December 15, 2016 will be considered. Recipients and the amount of funding allocated will be announced at a later date.

To apply for funding, contact the Participant Funding Program by writing to [email protected], or by calling 1-866-582-1884. The application form is available on the Agency’s website under Public Participation.

More information on this project is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry website, reference number 80102.