Monday February 6 2017 – The Maritime Employers Association and the CUPE Trois-Rivières/Bécancour Local section 1375 agreed on the terms of a new Collective Agreement for the period up to December 31, 2024

The Maritime Employers Association has concluded an historic agreement of 9 years with the CUPE Trois-Rivières/Bécancour Local section 1375 which represents the one hundred and three (103) longshoremen working at the Ports of Trois-Rivières and Bécancour.

‘’The coming into force of the new Collective Agreement will contribute to maintain an healthy labour relations as well as a favorable context for the economic development activities of both Ports in the area in the years to come.”, states Stéphane Morency, MEA’s President & CEO.

The agreement includes more flexibility regarding working hours to better meet the expectations of these Ports’ clientele and to deal more effectively in an increase of tonnage; this being possible subsequent to the Trois-Rivières Port’s expansion and to the implementation of the Quebec government’s Maritime strategy.

The agreement also provides a wage increase as well as a significant augmentation to the pension fund’s contribution for all longshoremen. The MEA claims that the modifications to the Collective Agreement will be leading to the creation of more job positions in the following weeks and therefore an increase in the pool of employees. Other arrangements included in the agreement negotiated by both parties will bring improvement to the workers’ quality of life by allowing them a better balanced work and family life.

About the Maritime Employers Association

The Maritime Employers Association is a non-profit organization representing ship owners, operators and agents of vessels, stevedoring contractors and terminal operators. The MEA has for mandate to act on behalf of its Members in the negotiation and management of the collective agreements for more than one thousand and four hundred (1,400) employees working in the Ports of Montreal, Trois-Rivières/Bécancour, Hamilton and Toronto.

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Nicola Dolbec

Director, Labour Relations

Maritime Employers Association

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