Tuesday October 10, 2017 – With the initiative of GROUPÉ and its Transport and Logistics Table, a group of companies from the region will participate in Breakbulk Americas in Houston, the largest trade fair for general and non-standard cargoes in America, which will take place from October 17 to 19, 2017.

In partnership with Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières (IDE Trois-Rivières), this project aims to promote the region’s strengths in terms of transportation capacity and to develop new markets for participating companies. The participating companies are Groupe Bellemare, Groupe Somavrac, Transport Chainé, Logistec Stevedoring and the Trois-Rivières Port Authority. The fair, which brings together more than 400 exponents, attracts more than 6,000 visitors per year. The delegation’s objective is to promote the Mauricie and its Rive-Sud internationally in terms of transportation and port infrastructure.

Also, by sharing the cost of participation with a common booth, this project facilitates the presence of companies and allows them to develop new business relationships.

“We need to develop our markets and position Mauritius and its South Shore as a top-class and excellent transportation platform. Together, we will create business relationships and position the region among the world’s leading players in the sector,” said Jean-Luc Bellemare, President of Groupe Bellemare and Co-President of GROUPÉ.

For the occasion, a regional brand image was developed to promote this intermodal platform: Port 3R (Road, Rail, River): The Easy Gateway (www.port3r.com). A reference to Trois-Rivières (3R), this positioning highlights the integration of road, rail and sea within the platform as an attraction factor.

“La Mauricie ̶ Rive-Sud has unparalleled transportation infrastructure in Quebec: The Port of Trois-Rivières and the Trois-Rivières Airport, which are capable of receiving large carriers, north-south (Highway 55) and east-west (Highway 40) highways, as well as rail lines. It can also rely on the services of world-class specialized carriers as well as the infrastructure of the Bécancour industrial and port park. The region therefore has the potential to become a major multimodal transportation platform in the Eastern North American market,” said Alexandre Ollive, GROUPÉ’s General Manager.

“The region has extraordinary potential in intermodal transport, distribution and primary processing of materials. We have to take our place in this market! “according to Mario De Tilly, General Manager at IDE Trois-Rivières.

The transportation and warehousing industry is one of the most important sectors of activity in the Mauricie ̶ Rive-Sud, with a GDP of $352 million and 3,800 jobs. Mauricie- Rive-Sud has unparalleled transportation infrastructure for a non-metropolitan region, with transportation companies that are among the region’s largest employers. GROUPÉ member companies in this sector have experienced impressive turnover growth of 41% in 5 years, and have created 220 new jobs in the same period.

About the GROUPÉ grouping:

GROUPÉ Mauricie ̶ Rive-Sud brings together business people from the region who contribute to diversification and economic development. To do so, the organization encourages entrepreneurs to collectively develop business projects that address issues or opportunities in their sectors of activity or for the region. To date, the Partnership includes more than 100 companies from the Mauricie and South Shore regions. Three strategic axes are prioritized for the coming year. The first is the recruitment of the workforce to address job shortages in all sectors. GROUPÉ’s second priority is business development, to accelerate investment and promote economic growth. And finally, it is essential for GROUPÉ to continue to set up networking activities that allow entrepreneurs to make themselves known and create connections with businesses in the region and create business opportunities.

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