Trois-Rivières, December 3, 2020 —  As part of the Cooperation Agreement signed at the end of 2018 aimed at improving their respective and/or common port services, the port authorities of Montreal and Trois-Rivières are pleased to announce the rollout of three projects that will improve the marine operations of both ports: the implementation of a common extranet portal to manage ship arrivals, the standardization of practices and procedures and the implementation of a single security access control system (Port Pass) for workers and visitors.

The marine operations teams of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) and the Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA) have jointly developed an IT solution to standardize messages and pre-arrival notification forms (PANs), providing greater simplicity and efficiency for ship owners and crews calling at both ports. This solution is currently being pilot-tested with shipping agencies in both regions and will be deployed to all port clients in the coming months.

The new fully automated common portal, custom-developed by the MPA and TRPA teams, will give clients, shipowners and crews of both ports an efficient tool where they can document a personalized profile, apply for port services and integrate data related to vessel pre-arrival procedures, which is a mandatory procedure in Canadian port waters.

Watch this video about the common ship arrival portal, dubbed PAN:

In addition to this portal project, in recent months the port authorities also managed to standardize the content of their Practices and Procedures, simplify the information transmitted to shipping partners calling at the two ports and establish a common basis in their operating rules.  

The same logical approach to simplification and operational efficiency is behind the upcoming project for a common Port Pass: a single process to securely access port facilities in Montreal and Trois-Rivières. This project will be developed over the next few months.

“The exemplary collaboration between our two teams is producing results that are making it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of marine operations for the benefit of clients and crews calling at the ports of Montreal and Trois-Rivières,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority.

“The results of this promising teamwork contribute effectively to our innovative and sustainable common vision to make the St. Lawrence River system even more efficient and competitive,” added Gaétan Boivin, President and CEO of the Trois-Rivières Port Authority.

About the Cooperation Agreement

Ratified in December 2018, this Cooperation Agreement, which has made it possible to extend and provide a framework for a long-standing collaboration between the Montreal and Trois-Rivières port authorities, aims to improve and enhance their respective port services. Focused on sharing information and best practices, it will ultimately make it possible to increase the productivity, competitiveness, efficiency and safety of port services and procedures. Four work pillars are targeted under this agreement:

  • Marine operations
  • Environmental management
  • Port logistics
  • Port/city relations


About the Port of Montreal

Operated by the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the Port of Montreal is the second largest port in Canada and a diversified transshipment centre that handles all types of goods: containerized and non-containerized cargo, liquid bulk and dry bulk. The only container port in Quebec, it is a destination port served by the largest shipping lines in the world. It is also an intermodal hub with a service offering that is unique in North America, featuring its own rail network directly dockside connected to Canada’s two national rail networks. The MPA also operates a Cruise Terminal and a Port Centre.

The MPA factors economic, social and environmental components into its corporate initiatives. This commitment is governed by a sustainable development policy whose guiding principles focus on involvement, cooperation and accountability. Port activity supports 19,000 jobs and generates $2.6 billion in economic benefits annually.

About the Port of Trois-Rivières

One of Canada’s 17 port authorities and active since 1882, the Port of Trois-Rivières offers the marine industry a wide range of facilities and year-round services. It is an important player in regional, national and international economic development for such major industrial sectors as the aluminum industry, forestry and agri-food. The Port of Trois-Rivières welcomes 55,000 trucks, 11,000 railcars and more than 250 merchant and cruise ships annually from about 100 different ports in more than 40 countries around the world. It handles over four million metric tonnes of traffic, has an annual economic impact of nearly $220 million and supports more than 2,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs.

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Mélanie Nadeau
Director of Communications
Montreal Port Authority
514 283-1385 / [email protected]


Sara Dubé
Director of Public Affairs and Human Resources
Trois-Rivières Port Authority
819 378-2887 ext. 207 / [email protected]

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