Tuesday August 16 2016 – The Port de Trois-Rivières welcomes the Québec government’s announcement that an industrial port zone will be created in Trois-Rivières. The TRPA is pleased to be part of this partnership with the government of Québec, the City of Trois-Rivières and Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières (IDÉ-TR). This process is entirely in line with the efforts already undertaken by the TRPA to maximise the economic benefits associated with the port activities.

“The creation of the industrial port zone demonstrates the partners’ commitment to fully take advantage of Trois-Rivières’ development potential for industries requiring port facilities, whether in terms of the expansion of existing industries or the arrival of new industries,” states Mr. Gaétan Boivin, President and CEO of the Port of Trois-Rivières. Mr. Boivin stressed the fact that the Port of Trois-Rivières supports some 900 direct jobs and nearly as many indirect jobs and that the objective of the initiative announced today is to increase these numbers.

“This initiative is in addition to the efforts in recent years of all the stakeholders in the port community,” says Me Martine Gravel, Vice-President of the Board of Directors. “It confirms our desire to partner with our community in order to reach collective objectives for economic development.”

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