Welcome to the Contractors section of the Terminal 21 project.

This page presents the major steps of the project and will be updated when important information is available, such as calls for tenders.

Current calls for tenders

Professional engineering services as “Transition Engineer” for the new Terminal 21 project at the Port of Trois-Rivières


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Beginning of 2021

Selection of a specialized transitional engineering firm

Mid 2021

Pre-qualification of engineer-builder teams and turnkey tenders to pre-qualified firms

End of 2021

Award of the contract


Project realization

Frequently Asked Questions

The call for tenders for the pre-qualification of the Engineering-Construction teams for the “turnkey” will be launched at the beginning of April 2021.

It is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm that will provide technical support to the Port of Trois-Rivières team in the realization of the project. This firm will be responsible for the preparation of the various calls for tenders required, including the turnkey project and the geotechnical study.

The marketing of the project is done entirely with the Business Development team of the Port of Trois-Rivières.

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The Port of Trois-Rivières has a Policy for the Procurement of Goods and Services and Construction (TRPA C-09) that ensures a fair and transparent processing of the tendering and contracting awarding process.